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Welcome to White Enlightenment “Free Spirit”, I give homage to the “I am” for this opportunity to share with you the inner spiritual knowing that I have been inspired to bring forward through this blessed inner journey that I have experienced, which has awoken my being to the understandings of all that “I am”, this inner journey of self realisation of, “the god” which we all are! is not a mystery any longer if we all can acknowledge to ourselves that which we hide from our true self, that which we dare not to confront in fear of letting go of those insecurities that we think we need.

I have personally confronted my own manifested insecurities and I am constantly reviewing these effects that I have chosen to create and experience. As I clear and understand my own creating effects, I am also acknowledging my own inner inherited right to be , which is “Just to be” a person without the effects of emotional needs, governing my spiritual being. I am being set free within the resonance of my own empowerment, that which is known as my enlightened spiritual might.

This might of ones own sight, is not a gift, it is our inherited right! We all have this ability if we choose to use it and to understand that we are spiritual godly beings in our own “I Am” right! Now is the time to stop separating all that we are and become one within light, this personal quest is not out there somewhere it is within us all, it is now time for you the god that you are to empower yourself with your own godly might, to join with all others light which is the same light as yours, where there is no separate creating effects. This understanding is my gift to you.

May you bless yourselves within your quest, and accept your own love of your expanding light. May you all through your inner faith, sight and empowerment, “set yourself free!” to be what you have always been, that free spirit of expanding love and light.

Blessings to all

Paul Longhetti

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