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White Enlightenment the book is a progressive inner search of my personal journey of my own awakenings that I have experienced throughout my life.

Drawing inspired wisdom from within my inner-self, the god that “I am” to make sense of the events that overshadowed my life from my childhood to my adulthood, it is a development through the understandings of this inner inspired wisdom that one can draw on when one feels lonely and lost. A book about healing, love and attaining one’s own empowerment, enabling all to raise above the ego effects that confronts not just myself but all people of this illusive reality that we call the earth life, through just looking within and listening to the many parts of your own divine self that vibrates from your own god essence, one shall be able to set free the needs of the mind pain that engulfs our eternal light.

White Enlightenment helps one to understand this divine power of our inherited right which is heralded from the beginning of created form, through inner searching of non conforming thoughts that vibrates from our inner being, we all can harness and use our godly might to change what we think we cannot, “ourselves”, the unified oneness of our inner sight of our own empowerment through the experiencing acknowledgements of three stages of understandings, Who Am I, Who Are You, and the collective oneness of Who Are We.

Of course this acknowledgement that shall be revealed will be different for each and everyone, yet one thing is for certain, we are not separated beings of light, only our thoughts that is created by our emotional mind pain is the illusion that creates this separation, we all have the ability to inspire ourselves to be set free from the ego mind pain that we have created which holds us all back from our own godly divine, in preparation for the oneness of the holy quest, the cleansing of mankind that is foretold to bring forth the oneness of non separateness for all beings of this world and beyond, that which is our heavenly sight and to unite in divine manifesting effects of just pure love and light. May the god that you “are” prosper within your own might, the free spirit of your internal sight! Though this book of light.

Blessings to all

Paul Longhetti

Disclaimer: White Enlightenment Pty Ltd and the author Paul Longhetti takes no responsibility for any perceived effects that may arise from the contents of this book, as they are inspired channelled writings which are my spiritual understandings only.

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