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White Enlightenment spiritual healing is an empowering vibrational raising of your divine energy to change the frequency of your resonance back to pure light.

White Enlightenment spiritual healing comprises of the following services:

  • Clairvoyant/intuitive reading of your emotional and mental blockages
  • Releasing the effects of your personal mind pain to rediscover your divine
    and peaceful self
  • Letting go of unwanted attachments and revitalising your self to your own godly empowerment
  • Building confidence and the direction in your life
  • Freedom to be who you truly are through the changing of the vibrational frequency
    in the raising of your own consciousness of self worth and inner happiness
  • To open your heart to the love of yourself
  • To eliminate past karmic residue

For an appointment, contact Paul Longhetti on 0412 550 385.

Available every Saturday at Heavenly Bliss, 169 Glebe Point Road, Glebe in Sydney.

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