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The Way of White Enlightenment is not a form of religion or a theology, it is an inspiration of personal empowerment, a way of freeing oneself from the bonds of our emotional created entrapments.

These inspired inner channellings, which directed this empowering “way”, is intended to set people free from self creative negative thought patterns and beliefs of entrapments, to aspire our godliness of our inherited right to reawaken from our divine god essence, to open our minds to the love that vibrates from our light, to help us all to recognise the illusiveness of separateness, that we have allowed to overshadow our inner light, to bring forth from our hearts the inner love of our formless essence, to replace the ego effect that we all have been conditioned to live by, to gain back that which we chose to give away, that which is our collective pureness of god creating god essence, “our free spirit”!

We have been conditioned by egotistic controlling thought patterns since the day we were born; we have been controlled by the needs and wants of society’s teachings of mass controlling effects. It is “now” time to acknowledge and love yourself and all others as oneness of supreme inner god essence, without the ego manifestations of needs and falsehoods. The day of the teacher and spiritual guru is past, the day of self-acknowledgement of the god that we all are has begun. The oneness of non-manifested thought forms of enlightened strength is calling out from within us all.

Mankind has come to a crossroad in the evolutionary cycle, we either spiritually raise our vibration of mass oneness or we cease to emerge. It is our choice, it is “Now” that we must change the effects of illusive created projections and replace these effects with unmanifested energetic love without physical thought form, as one love, one light. Bring forth and share with others this inner acknowledgement of our own divine essence, world wide, for only love shall prevail; only love is real.

Share the way of White Enlightenment and guide all others to their own divine, “strength through unity”, and unity through oneness of our collective divine. Awaken mankind to their own god sight. The way awaits you all. It is calling from within you, you must endure. Just give to all.

The cleansing that is foretold is now knocking on our door!

May you share with me “The Way” of White Enlightenment and be - the free spirit, of your own divine!

May you inherit your New Earth.

Blessings to all

Paul Longhetti

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